Clarence house and King’s Family

Clarence house – was formerly the residence of Queen Elizabeth and also Prince william and Prince harry. Prince william occupied it from the year 2003 till finally married Catherine middleton and Prince harry also from the year 2003 until 2012. clarence House is the residence of the British Royal family. that paint the wall white. four story which has many rooms. it is similar to a fairy tale country. from the page alerts you readers digest clarence house was constructed in 1925 to mid 1927. adjacent to st james Palace.And you can visit it here for just a photo from the front of many tourists and foreign tourists. with its unique exterior of this Palace are very attractive for many people on the visit and also very elegant. Interior filled with ancient furnitures that has historical value for the British Royal family. inside the Palace there is room the meeting of the family room and there is also a small library in the House. in front of Clarence house there are beautiful gardens and spacious.