Awesome Nottingham Cottage

Nottingham Cottage In Kensington Palace

Nottingham cottage – was the residence of kensington.Kensington Palace for the Royal family is United Kingdom. and the big day is the day that Prince harry and Meghan Markle married. the wedding was attended by 600 guests who come from various countries and watched all over the world. The invited guests or tourists that many also stay at Nottingham Cottage. to attend the wedding.
Nottingham is situated in the mainland United Kingdom. and downtown on the river and and leen. And also you can visit such as cave. This is used to define the home tanning. and also become a tourist attraction. Foreign tourists what if after attending a wedding reception can also visit there. There is also a Fort was used also in Nottingham Prince harry and Meghan Markle married. the event by William the conqueror. Maybe your childhood. Robin hood is not known. He lived in Sherwood Forest. Tourists can also visit here.
After marrying Prince harry and Meghan Markle now holds the title as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before the event began that was given by the Queen. and now the possibility of Prince harry and Meghan Markle Kensington Palace residence of their sound.
Prince harry’s brother Prince william with his wife applies kate middleton also attended the wedding reception of the second sister. degree in frogmore House and Prince william also gave a speech there.
The House in Nottingham colonialist style making visitors welcome tourists there. Maybe you can try to live there …